1800-calorie Diet Plan

Lose Weight and Feel Great

How do I know if I’m overweight?

If you can’t tell by your looks, you can always use an online calculator or visit a doctor. You can learn your ideal weight and BMI in both ways, and take action if necessary!

Why should I follow a diet?

Regardless of your weight, following a healthy diet plan is necessary to make sure your body functions in a healthy way! Your diet will be with you for a very long time, so be careful!

How do I know which diet is best for me?

It depends on your ideal weight and your physical condition. An obese person could benefit from a low-calorie diet, while another one could do well with the 1800-calorie diet.

How does the 1800-calorie diet work?

1800 calories are more than enough for some people, especially for women. By limiting your calorie intake, you’ll get a calorie deficit and lose weight.

Are 1800 calories enough for me?

It depends on your gender and physical condition, but make sure to calculate your BMI to learn your average daily calorie needs.

How can I track my calorie intake?

There are many great apps available on Google Store or App Store, and you can always ask your provider for specific details.

Which foods should I eat?

As you may know already, you should include dark leafy vegetables, lean beef, chicken, seafood, whole-grains, and fruits in your diet.

Which foods should I avoid?

It would be in your best interests to stay away from French fries, desserts, and simple carbs. Basically, any food that is processed and includes added sugar.

What are the risks?

Although 1800 calories can be considered above the threshold, some may still see the harm. If your calorie intake is higher than 1800 calories, this diet may lead to malnutrition.

Should I consult a doctor?

Absolutely! You’ll either increase or decrease your calorie intake when following the 1800-calorie diet. This will affect your body dramatically. Make sure you counsel your doctor.


The 1800-calorie diet is a good way to constantly keep your body in check. Make sure you come up with a careful plan and consult with your medical professional.

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