The Ultimate Guide to

The 2000-calorie Diet

What You Need to Know

What is a calorie?

A calorie simply means energy. In our case, calories give us the necessary fuel so that our body is able to function normally. Any edible you consume comes back as calories.

How many calories do you need each day?

You can use an online calculator to find out! Just type your height, weight, and the average amount of physical activity per day.

How does the 2000-calorie diet work?

Though it varies, 2000 calories are less than many people need on a daily basis, especially for women. That’s why it’s likely to result in weight loss after you limit your daily calorie intake to 2000. 

What are the ideal foods to consume?

As typical, you should opt for unprocessed foods, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat as a source of protein. Don’t forget your fruits for sugar and nuts/seeds for fat! You still need them!

Which foods should you avoid?

A calorie intake of 2000 wouldn’t be efficient if you keep having processed foods like desert, fries, and simple carbs in your menu! Here is an example of an ideal day:


Boiled or scrambled eggs with almond milk and vegetables like cucumber or tomatoes.


A tuna sandwich is an ideal example. Opt for whole grains.


If you want one, have a fruit like an apple or a peach. Don’t go overboard on fruits though, we don’t want more sugar than needed!


Grilled chicken with broccoli is a light way to finish your day. Make sure to stay away from late night snacks too!

Consult your doctor

Any sudden change in your diet should be approved by a medical professional. Although the 2000-calorie diet is safer than the low-calorie diets, make sure you have the right guidance.


The 2000-calorie diet is a safe and stable way to get rid of unwanted pounds while maintaining your muscle mass, and it’s great for your overall body health!

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