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Are they Keto Friendly?

Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower seeds are the fruits of the Helianthus annuus or the sunflower plant. It is the dark-colored cluster you see at the heart of the golden petals.

What are sunflower seeds?




Total carbs



 6 g

14 g

6 g

2 g

Nutritional value of Sunflower Seeds

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The Keto diet is a low-carb, mid-protein and high-fat diet. This meal plan can help you lose weight without compromising your body’s nutritional needs.

What is keto?

low-carb keto-friendly nuts

Sunflower seeds

Brazil nuts


Chia seeds

Flax seeds

Hemp seeds



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The amount of carbs allowed makes it a challenge to find snacks for your diet. With high fat and negligible carbs, nuts and seeds are perfect for keto enthusiasts.

Nuts and seeds for keto

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Soak the sunflower seeds overnight and blend them to form a creamy paste. You can use this on salad dressing, dip, addition to your pasta sauce and so much more.

Using sunflower seeds for a keto diet

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Pregnancy is infamous for random food cravings. Sunflower seeds are rich in natural folates and essential vitamins, making them a healthy food you can snack on.

Sunflower seeds and pregnancy

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Certain seeds play a role in regulating blood sugar levels. Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, vitamin B-1, copper, antioxidants, and fiber, which help fight diabetes.

Sunflower seeds and diabetes

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Luckily, most nuts and seeds are gluten-free in their unprocessed forms. Sunflower seeds are gluten-free, as long as you consume them raw.

Are sunflower seeds gluten-free?

2.5% of the world population is allergic to gluten.

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Both are rich sources of fat, protein, and dietary fibers, along with good quantities of other nutrients.

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

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There’s a reason why sunflower seeds are keto-approved. If followed correctly and with due diligence, your body will burn the excess fats through ketosis.

Can sunflower seeds make you fat?

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The myriad health benefits and their appetite satiating qualities are what make sunflower seeds keto-friendly and an excellent addition to your diet.


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