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Get to know Lupini beans

Lupini beans are a type of legume that came from the Lupine plant. It is from the same food family as chickpeas, peas, and lentils.

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Lupini beans vs. other legumes

Lupini beans, compared to other legumes, have fewer calories yet are higher in nutrients like thiamine, Vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

nutritional value for 100g






12 g

1 g


13 g 

3 g

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Benefits of Lupini beans to the hair

One of the notable benefits of it is what it can do to the hair! Fear not, as Lupini beans benefits for hair are both proven and tested!

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Healthier hair

Lupini beans are full of proteins and antioxidants that help develop healthy hair, making the hair thick, strong and difficult to break.

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Hair growth

Pento-peptides can stimulate growth. It can help aid in creating a positive and perfect environment for the hair to grow and nurture.

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Helping with hair loss

Lupini beans can prevent hair loss. They are rich in protein which dampens the mechanism that is responsible for losing hair.

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How to use it?

The extract of Lupini beans is a magical ingredient. You can either prepare the solution yourself or purchase readily available products on the market.

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Other health benefits of Lupini beans

Lupini beans' health benefits are not just limited to the hair. There are several other benefits:

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Other health benefits

Prevents digestive problems

Lowers high blood pressure

Protects the heart

Aids in weight loss

Keeps the intestines healthy

Boosts immunity

Treats anemia

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Lupini beans benefits for hair are trusted by most, with several eligible cosmetic brands incorporating the extract to their products. 

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