Best Low-cal Snacks

Tasty and Healthy

Why snacks?

Snacks have played an important role in my own weight loss journey! They helped me with crunches and lowering my meal portions.

When to snack?

Snacks shouldn’t replace your meals, like breakfast and dinner. You can have some before lunch or dinner, but not during late nights!

Snack in moderation!

Your snacks should be in small sizes. Don’t go overboard and eat three bananas in a row.

Go healthy!

Your snacks should be low-calorie and healthy options. If you squeeze a giant hamburger between meals, you would only gain weight.

Best snack options

We have listed some of the best and healthiest low-calorie snacks. Here are some of them:

Dark chocolate

It’s not only tasty, but dark chocolate also benefits your body in many ways. Try to have some!


If you are not allergic/intolerant to dairy, cut a slack of low-fat cheese for yourself!

Raw almonds

Almonds include a high amount of healthy fat, so don’t go overboard! They’ll fuel you with enough energy to help you through the next meal!


Use whole-grains and complex carbs, with little to no amount of fats and oils. You can try and add avocados.

A light sandwich

Again, use proper bread and light ingredients. A small amount of tuna with veggies would do the trick!


It’s great as long as you don’t use butter! Add some salt, sit back and enjoy your popcorn!


These little purple things are great against crunches! They are also pretty low in calories too.

Peanut butter

Though it can’t be considered low-calorie, peanut butter is a great topping for many recipes. Try some!


Bananas are high in carbs, so have one or even half of them, try to combine them with almonds or peanut butter!


Snacks are a great way to combat untimely crunches and in the end, they help your weight loss journey! Try some of these healthy snacks!

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