7 Most Destructive Foods to Your Kid's Teeth

Dental care is more delicate and necessary in kids’ eating the right foods and keeping standard dental hygiene rules will go a long way in maintaining optimal dental health.

The worst foods for children’s teeth mainly react with the bacteria around the teeth to form some acids that cause damage to your tooth, attacking the enamel and leading to cavity formation.

Being entirely aware of our children's eating habits is essential to preserving good oral hygiene. Here are some examples of which foods you should reduce in your child's diet.


Candy is undeniably harmful to the teeth and is actually one of the worst foods for children’s teeth. When eaten in large quantities, it leads to cavities and tooth decay.



As bread is consumed, saliva decomposes the starch into sugars and possesses a sticky-wet appearance, which can get stuck between teeth. This can cause cavities and lead to dental problems.



Drinking carbonated beverages in large quantities is unhealthy to anyone’s teeth. Its continued consumption provides an environment for acids to thrive and erode the teeth.

Carbonated drinks


in terms or oral hygene, citrus aren't healthy when taken continuously. They can cause teeth discoloration and are also acidic, making the teeth more susceptible to breakdowN.

citrus fruits


Chips consist of high levels of starch that are easily reduced to sugars in the mouth. These can become so easily trapped between the teeth and foster bacteria growth leading to plaque.

potato chips


Dried fruits have increased sugar concentrations. Like sticky forms of candy, dried fruit is easily deposited in crevices and creates a breeding arena for bacteria.

dried fruits


Anyone of any age can easily be tempted to chew on ice, but how harmful can it be? Actually, ice can damage the enamel and it can go on to cause cracked and loosened crowns.


If consumed without moderation, these foods can contribute to dental frailties and weaknesses in your children's teeth. What should be encouraged is brushing of teeth twice a day and more water intake.

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