Learn more about cavities and check out the foods that can help you get rid of those while your palate is still enjoying it!

Cavities can occur due to the neglect of proper dental hygiene. They are generated by your saliva, its microbial content, and your dietary habits. Now, let’s learn more about its development!



Teeth are exposed to acids as a result of the bacteria, which reacts with the starch and sugars in the food. This generates plaques on the edges and crevices of the teeth.

When oral hygiene is neglected, more plaque forms and hardens around your teeth, making the residue harder to deal with; this is usually marked by a white spot on the teeth in most people.


During the second stage, our teeth continue to be eroded, and the formation of the cavity starts properly.

The enamel becomes completely eroded and eats into the softer layer of the teeth. This is when the pain starts to be very noticeable.



The cavities reach the softest section of the teeth which has the different nerve endings and blood vessels that supply your teeth with blood and nutrients.

This is where unbearable pain, inflammation, and extreme teeth sensitivity occur. Having good dental hygiene, adopting the right diet, and visiting your dentist can help you avoid cavities.



that can help you heal, get rid of those cavities, and avoid hard fillings!

It has large amounts of calcium that are integral for bone and teeth development. It’s an essential mineral needed to rebuild teeth after damage and assists in producing saliva in the mouth.


They can help build up the enamel and strengthen the teeth. It is full of Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and Vitamin D and has other health benefits such as weight loss due to their low-calorie levels.

It contains a lot of nutrients including Vitamin D which helps repair teeth damage and ensures its strong and healthy teeth growth, and protects it from any infection.


Shrimp contains a lot of nutrients including magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Phosphorus helps prevent tooth decay and calcium is good for teeth and bone formation.


It also contains vitamin D which, as explained earlier, is vital for the retention and absorption of phosphorus and calcium that are considered as important nutrients for the teeth.

Egg Yolk

It is obtained from fish and is a viable source of omega-3 fatty acids, with vitamins A and D, which is needed for cavity protection, and various other nutrients.

Cod Liver Oil

It is also a good source of vitamin K2 which regulates the intake of calcium into the body. Together with Vitamin D, it functions to ensure healthy teeth formation and repair after cavity occurrence.


Has the following: 1. Beta-Carotene – regulates Vitamin A 2. Kaempferol – lowers the risk of periodontal infections 3. Sulforaphane – offers protection from various forms of oral cancers


Always remember to have good oral hygiene, frequently visit your dentist, include the foods mentioned to improve your dental health and achieve a radiant smile!

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