Foods That Can Kill Testosterone

Poor diet or poor eating habits can result in lower testosterone levels, but there are specific foods that can kill testosterone if taken regularly or without moderation.



Although this one depends on the amount you take, regular use of alcohol does not just lower performance during intercourse but kills testosterone levels as well.

Low-quality meat / processed food


Yes, we know that these components damage our health, but we should know that our hormones, including the T-cells, are being damaged as well!

Added sugar


Too much sugar in our body causes inflammation and the appearance of a fat belly. When there is inflammation, there is a reduction in the production of T-cells.

Diet sodas


Diet sodas contain aspartame. Although aspartame is just a low-calorie sweetener, it damages T-cells and affects overall health, as well.

Soy Products


When soy products are consumed, the androgen receptors do not regulate well, and instead, estrogen receptors boost. When estrogen boosts, it causes a reduction of T-cells.



Amazingly, Mint is not just for temporary effects, but mints affect our health including T-cells. According to a study, mint decreases testosterone levels.



One of the components of licorice is glycyrrhizic acid, which neutralizes the enzyme responsible for the production of testosterone. When the enzyme is neutralized, T-cells are killed.

Vegetable oils


According to a study, vegetable oils are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which can kill testosterone levels.



Some nuts such as almonds and walnuts catalyze the level of a substance called sex hormone-binding globulin, which causes a reduction of the production of testosterone.



Flaxseed contains lignan, a precursor of phytoestrogens. According to a study, men and women show evidence that flaxseed can greatly reduce T-cells.



Beets are sweet vegetables that can harm libido. Although beets can support healthy estrogen levels, they kill testosterone levels on the other hand.

Microwave popcorn


Perfluorooctanoic acid can be found on the popcorn bag’s lining. This chemical can kill testosterone levels, which results in a decrease in libido and may cause prostate problems as well.

Dairy products


Dairy products coming from cow’s milk should be avoided as it increases estrogen. Therefore, a cow’s milk affects human hormones which can result in an alteration of testosterone levels.

We can take better, healthy steps to increase and maintain our hormones including testosterone levels.  Be happy, be fit, choose healthily, and start now!

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