Foods to Avoid if You Have Hemorrhoids

The health condition that is referred to as hemorrhoids occurs when the veins around the lower rectum or anus become inflamed and swollen. 


Certain foods can further worsen the symptoms of piles. When having hemorrhoids, such foods should be avoided:

Foods to Avoid?

Spicy foods have a high acidity level and this can further increase the inflammation of the veins around the anus.

Spicy foods


The consumption of foods that have excess salt can leave your body grasping for water and this can add to the pressure on your blood veins.

Salty foods


Refined grains are bad because they are not easily digested. They  resulting in more pain and swelling around the anus.

Refined grains


Avoid dairy products like milk, ice cream, and cheese. If you have hemorrhoids, it is recommended that you reduce your dairy consumption. 

Dairy products


Processed foods are low in fiber and sodium and can increase your risk of getting constipated.

Processed foods


Processed meats are low in fiber and are rich in sodium, thereby increasing your risk of constipation.

Processed meats


Fried foods are generally bad for the digestive tract because they have a high-fat content and unhealthy oils.

Deep-fried foods


Studies have also shown that chocolates can add to the effect of constipation and this is bad for piles. 



White flour, also referred to as plain flour, has had most of its bran and germ removed thereby making it very low in fiber.

White flour


Fruits like unripe bananas are rich in compounds that can be constipating. If the veins around your anus are already swollen and inflamed.

Some unripe fruits


Caffeinated beverages can harden your stool, making it difficult to pass bowels and further worsening your piles. 

Caffeine beverages


Food items that are baked are also bad for hemorrhoids because they possess low fiber content.

Baked foods


Drinks can disrupt the balance of your digestive system by increasing the amount of fluid passed through urine; this can give rise to dehydration.



Also known as white rice, is not healthy, as it has already been stripped of almost all its fiber and vitamins, and minerals.

Polished rice


When dealing with the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you should stay away from consuming fast foods like burgers and chips.

Fast foods


It is important to note that taking laxatives with hemorrhoids can worsen your condition and can lead to further discomfort.


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