High Vibration Foods: The Ultimate Guide

What does it mean for foods to be ‘high vibration’? The vibration of food is not the addition of anything extra — it is quite simply the life force energy within the food!

High vibration foods?

As human beings, we are all made up of pure energy. It nourishes our being. To receive the energy we need to thrive, there’s so much we can do, like eating high vibration food.

Impact our energy?

The energy within everything you eat is absorbed into your being, which is why it's so important to consume food of high quality.

Foods to Eat?

Leafy greens spend their days with their leaves spread out basking under the sun. This means they’re packed full of high vibration energy.

Leafy green


Any kind of fruit when consumed fresh will increase your vibration levels, but fresh berries are in a league of their own! 

Fresh berries


These fiber-rich foods are so tightly packed with nutrients, they can’t help but be high vibration! 

Beans and legumes


Nearly every grain, bean, and seed in existence can be sprouted if you put enough time and care into it. 

Sprouted grains


As far back as humanity remembers, spices have been used as a natural, exciting way to flavor food and raise their vibration.



Fresh herbs play a more important role than simply flavoring our food, though that in itself is important.

Fresh herbs


In their uncooked and unsalted state, nuts are pretty much the ideal high vibration snack. They are a brilliant way to up your protein and fiber intake.



Raw Himalayan salt or any other kind of raw salts like pink salt or unprocessed salt will do wonders for your energy vibration levels.

Himalayan salt


Fermented goodies are full of friendly bacteria that can help neutralize imbalances in your stomach.

Fermented foods


This tip is simple, but it's a big one! Sixty percent of the human body is water, and about seventy-one percent of Earth too!



You will be able to realign the vibration of your meal, affirming its intention to nourish and energize your body in a way that satiates your mind, body, and soul...


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