The 1600- calorie Diet

The Ultimate  Guide To Weight Loss

Should I lose weight?

Calculate your BMI and find out your ideal weight. If you need to shred down some fat, start by making a plan for weight loss.

How can I lose weight?

The simple logic of weight loss is to have a calorie deficit. It simply means burning more calories than you gain.

Which diet is best for me?

While there are countless diets out there, low-calorie diets are hugely popular and mainstream right now. The 1600-calorie diet is one of them.

The 1600-calorie diet

The 1600-calorie diet is suitable for achieving a calorie deficit, especially for men as they need approximately 2500 calories to maintain their weight.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, there is no escaping math. Track down your daily calorie intake and limit it to 1600.

How can I track my calories?

You can use an online calorie calculator. There are many apps that will do the dirty work for you!

Eat clean

But, if those 1600 calories consist of unhealthy food, you are only torturing yourself. Stick to healthy options.


Exercising is crucial as you’ll want to maintain your muscle mass and it will increase your daily calorie deficit.

Don’t starve

Starving yourself won’t help. Try to eat 3 meals a day, and include a healthy snack too! Divide your calories smartly!

Balance your meals

Your meals should be balanced. Your daily calorie intake should be divided between protein, healthy fats, and a healthy amount of complex carbs.

Hydrate often

Remember to hydrate! Dehydration is always your body’s worst enemy. You can also replace one meal with a smoothie or a shake.

Have an apple

Stay away from desserts. You can still have some sugar when you have a craving, though. Have some fruit in your kitchen.

Take supplements

Although this is not necessary, there is a good chance you might not be getting enough vitamins. Supplements could solve that.

Visit your doctor

Although 1600 can be considered a safe number, you still need to visit your doctor and take a professional opinion. Don’t do it alone!


The 1600-calorie diet allows you to create a calorie deficit without having to starve. Eat clean, exercise and hydrate regularly, and make sure you balance your portions.

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