How I Lost a Pound per Day

The 700 Calories Diet Plan

If you're looking for a fast way to lose weight, the 700-calorie plan may just be right up your alley.

What is the fast 700 calorie diet?

The daily caloric intake is limited to 700 calories because researchers believe this amount will help control hunger pangs during the process.

Why 700 calories?

The 700 calories diet can be divided into two stages. The first two weeks involve restricting your food to only 700 calories per day.

The First Phase

After that, you progress to the 5:2 stage, where you eat no more than 700 calories on two days of the week.

The next phase

This phase involves eating 700 calories every day for at least two weeks. This kick-starts your metabolism and prepares your body.

Stage 1

You’ll eat 700 calories on just two days of the week. On the other five days, you’ll follow a Mediterranean-style diet, consuming mostly fresh vegetables and fruits.

Stage 2

1. Weight loss 2. Increased metabolism 3. Decreased inflammation 4. Aids the fight against diabetes 5. Reduces the risk of cancer

700-calorie diet benefits

There are some key foods that you need to eat in order to have a healthy diet. Here are some of them:

Foods to eat on the 700-calorie diet













Before observing the 700 calories diet, be sure to understand that it’s an intense approach to weight loss and isn’t for everyone. Always consult a doctor before starting this diet.

Consult a doctor

The 700 calories diet restricts your caloric intake to 700 calories per day. The diet consists of healthy, low-calorie foods that are easy to find and prepare.


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