Jesse Kelly Burger Recipe

Delicious and Easy to Make


Ground beef — 1 pound.

Onion — ⅓ cup, diced.

Garlic — ¾ tbsp., minced.

Hamburger buns — 4 pc.

Cheddar cheese — 1 cup, shredded.

Mustard — 1½ tbsp.

Ketchup — ⅓ cup.


1. In a mixing bowl, mix well the ground beef, cheddar, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper.

2. Form the mixture into about four patties.


3. For medium-well, cook for 6-7 minutes per side. Remember to flip the patties to make sure both sides are evenly cooked.


4. Mix the ketchup and mustard in a mixing bowl.

5. Serve with the condiment mix and hamburger buns.


Condiments — Feel free to add more condiments. Tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and pickles.

Onion and garlic — You can swap them with granulated dry versions.


Ground poultry — If you find yourself short of ground beef, and if you’re truly desperate, ground poultry makes a good substitute for the former.


Medium-sized mixing bowl.

Measuring spoons and cups. 

Grill. (Although you can use a skillet if needed)


* Cover the leftover Jesse Kelly burgers tightly when storing them, or place them in a zip-lock bag.

Tips (Part 1)

Less is more — Do not overwork the hamburger patties.

Size matters — Your burger patties should be adjusted to the size of your buns.

Tips (Part 2)

Mind the ratio — One thing you should keep in mind is the fat ratio. 80% meat and 20% fat.

Clean the grill — Get a grill brush and scrape that grill. Oiling the grill would also be nice.

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