Pornstar Martini Cocktail Recipe

Make Your Own at Home



Vanilla vodka — 5 oz.

Passoa — ½ oz.

Lime juice — ½ oz.

Vanilla syrup — ½ oz., optional

Sparkling wine — 2 oz.

Slices of passion fruit

Ice — few cubes



1. Start by freezing your cocktail glasses for a bit.

2. Put a handful of ice cubes in your shaker.

3. Combine all the other ingredients except the sparkling wine in the shaker.



4. Shake it vigorously for forty seconds.

5. Strain the mixture into the cold cocktail glasses.

6. Top with a few drops of Prosecco.

7. Garnish with a thin slice of passion fruit.

8. Serve with a shot of cold sparkling wine.



Measuring cups

A sharp knife

The best cocktail glasses you can find

Pro Tips

About Passoa — Passoa is known for its sweet and tart flavor, and it is often used to add a fruity flavor to drinks.

The sparkling wine — Although you can have any kind of sparkling wine, we recommend going with Prosecco.

Part 1

Pro Tips

The vanilla — This cocktail utilizes the sweet taste of vanilla vodka for a better taste. However, if you happen to find the vanilla vodka a tad too sweet for your taste, feel free to use regular vodka.

Part 2

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