San Giorgio Lasagna Recipe

The Best Lasagna You Will Ever Taste


Part 1

San Giorgio lasagna — uncooked, 16 oz.

Spaghetti sauce — 3 cups.

Ground beef — 1 lb.

Mozzarella — shredded, 2 cups.

Parmesan — grated, 1 cup.


Part 2

Ricotta — 2 cups.

Eggs — 2 large.

Fresh parsley — chopped, 1 tbsp.

Salt and pepper — to taste.

Olive oil — ½ tbsp.


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Heat a little oil in a skillet and brown the meat.

3. Drain the meat after browning.

4. Stir in the sauce and let it simmer for ten minutes. 


5. Cook the San Giorgio lasagna according to the instructions on the box.

6. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine the ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, half of the mozzarella cheese, eggs, parsley, salt, and pepper.


7. Spread a layer of ⅓ cup meat sauce in a 13x9 casserole dish.

8. Cover with four pieces of cooked lasagna noodles.

9. Spread ⅓ cheese filling and ⅓ cup sauce on top.

10. Keep layering until you’re out of ingredients. 


11. Top with the remaining mozzarella cheese.

12. Bake covered for 45-60 minutes.

13. Bake uncovered for another 10 minutes.

Oil — Feel free to go with canola oil or coconut oil.

Cottage cheese — You might want to swap ricotta with cottage cheese.

Spaghetti sauce — Tomato paste definitely comes to mind, also try sweet basil pasta sauce.


Herbs and veggies — Why not experiment with dried basil and oregano, or spinach and zucchini.

Try wine — Try adding a splash of wine to your tomato sauce.


- Medium-size skillet. 

- Measuring spoons and cups.


- Standard 9x13 casserole dish. 

- Medium-size mixing bowl.

Storage and reheating

* Cover any leftovers tightly and store them in your fridge for a week.

* You can also freeze any leftover lasagna for up to three months.

* We recommend using an oven for reheating.

Make ahead — You can easily make this San Giorgio lasagna recipe ahead and freeze it.

The deeper the better — Make sure that your casserole dish is at least 3 inches deep.