The  1400-calorie Diet

Lose Weight

Preserve muscle

The 1400-calorie diet

The 1400-calorie diet is a practical and short-term plan that is useful for weight loss. It consists of two different stages.

The diet plan

The first stage is two weeks long. You restrict your meals to 1400 calories per day. The second stage is the five-to-two stage, where you only eat no more than 1400 calories two days of the week.

The first stage

In order to lose weight, you need to stick to 1400 calories every day for two weeks. This will help your body start adapting to the upcoming changes.

The second stage

You eat 1400 calories on two days of the week and follow a Mediterranean diet on the other five days.

The 1400-calorie diet benefits

1. Fast weight loss

2. Can help prevent diabetes

3. Lowers inflammation

4. May increase metabolic rate

5. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

1400-calorie diet- what to eat

Some food groups are crucial when following a diet. All types of food should be included in your meal plan, including the ones mentioned here:







Lean Beef

Consult a medical professional

Before you begin the 1400-calorie diet, be aware that it is an intense approach to weight loss and may not be suitable for everyone. Remember to reach out to your doctor before starting this diet.


Trying to lose weight? This 1400-calorie diet can help you reach your goals. This story explains how it works, what to eat, and how to follow it. If you are looking for a weight-loss option, this diet may be right for you.

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