The 2100-calorie Diet

Healthy and Tasty

Why low-calorie diets?

Creating a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. By limiting your calorie intake, you can make sure that you burn more than you consume!

How can I create a deficit?

There are a few steps to create a calorie deficit. Let’s take a look at what should your plan look like:

Calculate your BMI

Use an online calculator and find out your BMI. Then, find out how many pounds you should be losing.

Track your calories

Observe your diet for a week and write down what you eat. See which meals you should be cutting and which portions you should lower.

Set up a workout routine

Without burning more calories, you can’t create a calorie deficit. Establish a workout routine, and include cardio and weightlifting.

Eat clean

Eating processed and fried foods will only do harm to your weight loss progress. Stick to greens, healthy fats, and protein.

Pick a diet!

The 2100 low-cal diet is ideal, as 2100 calories per day are safe and effective for weight loss!

The 2100 low-cal diet

In this diet, you limit your daily calorie intake to a strict 2100 calories. Combined with exercise, you could create a calorie deficit of 500 per day.

Is it safe?

Unlike many other low-calorie diets, this diet advocates 2100 calories daily, which is considered a safe zone.

What to eat?

There are some specific foods that you should ideally include in your diet. Let's take a look at them.




Red meat



The 2100-calorie diet is a safe low-calorie plan that will help you lose weight gradually, especially if you combine it with exercise!

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