Lose Weight Fast Without Losing Too Much Muscle

The 900-calorie Diet Plan

The 900-calorie diet plan

Your fast 900-calorie diet can be broken up into two stages. The first lasts two weeks, during which you restrict your meals to only 900 calories per day. Then, you move on to the five-to-two stage, where you eat no more than 900 calories on two of the seven days of the week.

Stage 1

The first stage of your weight loss journey begins with you adhering to 900 calories every day for not more than two weeks. This first stage aims to kick-start your metabolism, allowing your body to begin preparing itself for the upcoming changes.

Stage 2

You switch to eating 900 calories on just two days of the week. On the remaining five days, you follow a Mediterranean style diet, consuming a substantial amount of fresh fruit and vegetables.

900-calorie diet benefits

1. Weight loss 2. Can increase metabolic rate 3. Can lower inflammation 4. May help prevent diabetes 5. Lowers the risk of Alzheimer's disease 6. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

What to eat on the 900-calorie diet

Getting the most out of a diet requires incorporating all food groups into your meal plan, including those mentioned here:





Lean beef




Whole-grain bread




Consult a medical professional

Before observing the 900 calories diet, it is important to understand that it's an intense approach to shedding pounds and is not ideal for everyone. Consult a medical professional before adhering to it.


This story discusses the 900-calorie diet for weight loss. It breaks down how the diet works, what to eat, and how to implement it. If you are considering weight loss, the 900-calorie diet may be right for you.

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