The Bubble Tea

Perfect Refreshment

What is bubble tea?

Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea has gained popularity in other parts of the world too! The perfect go-to refreshment, it is a great substitute for coffee or smoothies!

How to make bubble tea?

Bubble tea is made by mixing tea with either milk, fruits, or smoothies. Then you add the famous Tapioca pearls and shake relentlessly. Enjoy it!

What are Tapioca pearls?

Also known as the boba pearls, these chevy things are quite popular in the East. You can find many recipes online, or buy them. They make bubble tea quite delicious!

What do Tapioca pearls taste like?

They are originally white, hard to chew on, and almost tasteless, though they add a rather sweet taste to the flavor.

The perfect bubble tea

There are many different bubble teas, all depending on your taste and creativity. Try adding tea and pearls to different flavors, smoothies, and fruit shakes!

The most popular bubble teas

Although the possibilities are only limited by your taste, there are some bubble teas that are definitely more popular than the others. Here are some of them:

The milk tea

The original bubble tea, the milk tea is made by blending black tea, milk, ice, and some pearls together. It’s an all-time classic!

Fruit milk tea

Especially tasty during the summer, add some sweet fruits to your bubble tea like bananas, peaches, and strawberries. Don’t forget to put ice!


The bubble tea is a great replacement for coffee and shakes, especially during the summer! You can also experiment with different flavors!

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