Should You Try It?

The  Paleo  Diet

What is the paleo diet?

Created in the 2000s, it has gained popularity in recent years. As cheesy as it sounds, it advocates embracing the diet of the ancient people, the hunter-gatherers.

What is the logic of the paleo diet?

Well, the simple thought behind the diet is that the human body is not suitable for the modern diet, which is basically the whole farming process.

How does the paleo diet work?

Our ancestors didn’t consume french fries or cheeseburgers. They ate what nature offered to them: plants, nuts, and animal meat, accompanied by lots of physical activity!

What does “paleo” mean?

The diet owes its name to the Paleolithic age, in which the hunter-gatherers haven’t had access to air fryers and drive-throughs.

Is the paleo diet a strict one?

This part is a bit tricky since foods that are produced by farming are off-limits too. This includes you’ll have to say goodbye to many goods that you are used to.

Does the paleo diet work?

To a certain degree, it does! It improves your blood tension, helps with weight loss, and increases your glucose tolerance!

Are there any dangers?

Your body will go through a dramatic change if you follow the paleo diet. You might find yourself undernourished and depressed. Who wouldn’t want to have some chocolate from time to time?

Seek consultation!

Dramatic changes in your eating habits will certainly affect your body. Visit the official website and consult a professional before deciding.


The paleo diet advocates a return to the old ways, no more fried or processed foods, and only the basics are allowed. Red meat, vegetables, and fruits will be your best friends!

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