6 skin benefits

What is Vekhand Powder?

Vekhand powder is made from the roots of the Calamus or the sweet flag plant. Companies choose to handpick these herbs to ensure quality.

Skin Benefits

If you're looking for a traditional way to add to your daily skincare routine, try Vekhand powder. Here are some of the benefits of this powerful herb.

Moisturizes skin

Vekhand is believed to have antioxidant agents that help prevent wrinkles and uneven pigmentation and consumers are looking for natural ingredients in their cosmetics.

Treats skin-related problems

Vekhand powder can help treat skin infections such as eczema, ringworm or scabies. If you have those itchy spots on your body, a dash of Vekhand powder will do the trick!

Helps in healing wounds

Vekhand can aid in faster wound healing. Although additional studies with human subjects are needed, many people use Vekhand powder to cure their wounds.

Prevents acne

You can say goodbye to pimples and acne because this herb will tremendously help get rid of them. Mix Vekhand powder along with the Lodhra plant, rice powder and milk.

Remedy for inflammation

Vekhand powder contains anti-inflammatory components that help with stressed skin. with moisturizing it and relieving itchiness associated with inflammation. 

Exfoliates the skin

You can use Calamus root powder for your skincare routine. Regular exfoliation may help in making sure that dead skin cells are removed from your body.

Other health benefits of Vekhand powder

1. Helps respiratory problems

2. Good for your mental health

3. Helps with digestion

4. Improves blood circulation

5. Improves memory retention

Safety concerns for pregnant women

It's likely to be unsafe for you and your unborn child if you eat it, so it is advisable not to risk it. However, it would be fine if you apply it to your skin.

Safety concerns for individuals with heart issues

Vekhand powder may heighten the risk for heart attacks and stroke. If you want to use this herb, consult with your physician first. 

No one can deny the multi-fold benefits of this herb. You won't have to stress about ingesting different medicines when you can have this all-in-one natural remedy for various common illnesses!

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