Worst  Foods for   Eye Health

Your eye health and the rest of your body are tied together. However, you can do essential things about your diet and lifestyle to ensure optimum eye health.

7 worst foods for the eyes

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Condiments and Dressings

If you crave flavor for your salad, be wary of the seasoning you use. Salad dressings and condiments may contain enough fats and sugar to hurt your eyes.



The chemicals that are in margarine contain oxidized fats, and too much consumption can lead to cell damage and inflammation in your body.


White foods

The carbohydrates in white bread, rice, and flour have been linked to a higher occurrence of age-related macular degeneration or AMD. AMD can lead to loss of vision.


Fried foods

The oil used in making foods such as fries, meat and chips is notorious for increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and loss of vision. The cholesterol it contains can lead to AMD.


Processed foods

Processed foods contain high amounts of salt as preservatives. Too much salt consumption leads to water retention, which results in swollen eyes.



Foods with too much sugar can cause diabetes. Diabetes comes with other problems, such as diabetic retinopathy, where blood vessels situated in your eyes become damaged.


Sweetened drinks

Too much sweetness has its risks, as you know by now. If foods with added sugars are not good for you, it only makes sense that sweetened beverages are discouraged.

The windows to the soul are also used to see the world outside ourselves. Do not take your sight for granted, and keep your eyes healthy and sparkly with this guide.