After Gallbladder Removal

Does One Lose Weight?

You can still lose weight after gallbladder removal surgery, even naturally. This may be due to the following factors:

Do you lose weight after cholecystectomy?

Your physician or dietician will instruct you to stay away from high fat and fried food until your body is ready to accept them.

1. Eliminating fatty foods 

While recuperating from surgery, many people will probably not be able to endure any food that is excessively spicy or rich and may cause gas or other digestive problems.

2. Having a bland diet

After surgery, you may be advised to rely on a liquid diet including juices, soups or to have smaller meals. 

3. Having smaller meals

Following surgery, patients may get started on certain medications like analgesics or antibiotics, which may cause digestive problems affecting the apatite.

4. Post-surgery medication

Gallbladder removal does not directly produce inflammation, but people who have surgery, in general, may also experience inflammation.

5. Inflammation

The method of surgery determines the time needed by a patient to return to their normal diet and start physical activity.

6. Recovery from surgery

While you have to avoid certain foods after gallbladder removal, there are still plenty of foods you can and should enjoy:

What should be eaten after gallbladder removal?

A diet high in fiber can improve digestion in this situation. Increase your fiber intake gradually as it may also cause flatulence.

1. High fiber food

Beans Pulses Peas Potatoes  Broccoli

Consume foods rich in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to speed up your recovery.

2. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables

Legumes Cauliflower Cabbage Brussels sprouts Spinach

A patient can enjoy lean meat and certain plant proteins after cholecystectomy, such as:

3. Lean meat or meat alternatives

Chicken breast Turkey Crabs Salmon Lobster

Opt for vegetable oils for cooking like olive oil. You can also go for a low-fat version of some dairy foods such as:

4. Low fat or fat-free food

Mayonnaise Milk Yogurt Sour cream Ice cream

Cholecystectomy causes you to lose or gain weight. Through proper diet and regular exercise, these weight changes can be managed and you can lead a healthy life.


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