Best substitutes

For Almond Flour.

Almond flour is one of the most common baking flours used by people observing grain(gluten)-free and low-carbohydrate diets. Here are 8 almond flour substitutes that you can use:

Oat flour


Oat flour is gluten-free and is easy to make at home. It contains nutrients like manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B1, B5, B3, and B6.

Cassava flour


Cassava flour is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. As a substitute for almond flour, you can use cassava flour to make cassava bread,  cassava cake, and cassava  pancakes.

Sunflower seed flour


This is another perfect almond flour substitute; it is nut and gluten-free. It possesses a similar consistency to almond flour.

Cashew flour


If you like cashews, this is the best substitute for almond flour. Cashew flour, which is made from blanched nuts, can give your baked products a sweet and delicious flavor.

Plantain flour


This flour is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It can be made by drying and blending green, unripe plantains to a powdery texture.

Macadamia flour


Macadamia is especially good for those following the paleo diet. Its consistency is similar to that of almond flour and can be used to make baked and fried goods.

Coconut flour


Coconut flour does not contain gluten and this makes it a great almond flour substitute. It is made by drying and grinding the tasty flesh of the coconut.

Cricket flour


This flour is gaining momentum in the world of kale. Crickets come from the insect family of Gryllidae. It is not as gross as you may have  heard and it is  very nutritious.

Ultimately, substituting almond flour with other flours depends on your needs, but in most cases, you can easily replace almond flour with any of the flours previously listed.

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