Rice Wine 


6 Alternatives That Can Be Used as a

Rice wine

Rice wine is quite popular in Asian cooking, it is an alcoholic beverage that has been fermented and filtered from rice. It typically has about 18-25% alcoholic content.

Health benefits

Rice wine can offer different health benefits when consumed. It possesses anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties that can aid the prevention of cancer.

Rice wine substitutes

Although rice wine is beneficial and versatile, it may however not be available at regular stores. Here are excellent alternatives for rice wine:

Dry sherry

The most commonly used rice wine substitute is dry sherry, as it has a similar flavor to the Shaoxing rice wine. Sherry has distinct attributes, one of which is that it is low on calories.


In the advent that you can’t get rice wine, gin is a perfect rice wine substitute. In your recipes, use ½ of a tablespoon of gin instead of a tablespoon of rice wine. 

White wine  

White wine can also be used as a replacement for rice wine. In your recipes, use a tablespoon of white wine to replace rice wine.

White grape juice

Although a non-alcoholic alternative, white grape juice is a suitable substitute that you can utilize in the preparation of different dishes if you do not have rice wine.

Dry sherry and sugar

If your recipe calls for rice wine, you can use dry sherry and sugar instead. Replace it with a tablespoon of dry sherry and a pinch of sugar. 

Apple juice

Apple juice is a non-alcoholic substitute and the acidity level that it has can aid tenderization, making it an ideal alternative for rice wine that can be used in stir-fry marinades. 


Rice wine does not have acidity but enhances taste and flavor in foods. These substitutes are efficient in lending deep flavor to dishes requiring rice wine.

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