Foxtail Millet

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Foxtail millet

Foxtail millet is a species of millet. It is popularly cultivated for its human consumption benefits but is also used as a fodder plant.

Foxtail millet and nutrition

Foxtail millet includes magnesium, carotene, vitamin B12, zinc, fiber, and protein. It also contains high amounts of calcium and iron, which help improve bone health.

Improved muscle and bone health

Foxtail millet can fortify muscles and make bones stronger. It contains calcium and iron, which are potentially helpful for muscle maintenance.

Supports cardiac health

Foxtail millet contains vitamin B1, which is excellent for cardiac health. It also helps transfer messages between the nerves and muscles.

Maintenance of the nervous system

One of the primary reasons you should include Foxtail millet in your diet is that it’s perfect for maintaining the health of the nervous system.

Reduced levels of blood cholesterol

Foxtail millet contains methionine and lecithin, which are powerful amino acids that can help decrease the amounts of cholesterol in the body.

Better digestion

Because of its fiber content, Foxtail millet can help improve digestion; a hundred grams of Foxtail millet can contain up to eight grams of fiber.

Healthier immune system

Foxtail millet has a wide range of nutrients to strengthen one’s immune system. A well-functioning immune system can help your body heal from sickness within a short time.

Aids in weight management

The presence of fiber in Foxtail millet helps control weight gain by giving you a feeling of fullness and preventing you from consuming unneeded calories.

Benefits the skin

Foxtail millet contains certain amino acids that can activate collagen production, helping to delay the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles.

Help to alleviate diabetes

Foxtail millet possesses a low glycemic index, which can reduce the symptoms of diabetes. If your blood sugar level constantly changes, switch to Foxtail millet.


Foxtail millet is delicious and can be combined with other foods like vegetables. It can also make diverse dishes. So, include it in your diet today!