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5 Caribbean Dishes You'll Be Craving All Winter Long

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The spicy cuisine of this rich culture intricately blends the best herbs and spices combined with the freshest seafood possible to create a positively ambrosial treat for your tastebuds.

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The Caribbean islands offer a vast range of diversely unique dishes finding homes on each island. Take a tasting-trip to each, and see where your favorites reside!

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Creole bread


All the way from Saint Lucia, these soft-crusted rolls are baked to perfection in a traditional wood-burning oven. Best enjoyed piping-hot and freshly-baked!

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Coucou and flying fish


This Barbados delicacy consists of steamed flying fish, onions, peppers, spices, and a kick of freshly squeezed lime juice, served on a soft pillow of cornmeal cooked with okra.

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Conch fritters


A particularly sought-after delicacy in the Bahamas, these large-shelled mollusks make for a wonderful fried fritter reminiscent of a crab cake.

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Jerk chicken


Served in every type of Jamaican establishment, it consists of marinated meat rubbed with a perfectly balanced combination of fiery peppers, and sweet, smoky spices.

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This zingy Haitian relish is traditionally served with fried meats and seafood, cutting through and offsetting the richness of the fat, providing a beautifully bright and fiery respite.

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Rum punch, for a special treat!

Created without much more thought than bringing to mind the famous Caribbean rum punch rhyme; “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of weak.”

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Is it time to go home yet?

Now that you have all these deliciously simple, yet mind-blowing recipes, you never have to leave the Caribbean behind.

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