Gain Weight Fast

Foods That Make You Gain Weight in One Week

Diet for Weight Gain?

Although losing weight is great, not everyone is looking to eliminate a few pounds. As easy as it might sound, gaining weight can actually be difficult for some people.

Why Weight Gain?

Some people just weigh too little; this can cause several health issues like loss of bone density, lack of menstruation, and organ damage, this is why doctors usually recommend weight gain diets to such people.

How Does the Diet for Weight Gain in 7 Days Work?

Weight gain in a week is not easy but with the right habits, and a good diet, it is attainable. The diet for weight gain in 7 days involves increasing your calories intake and the consumption of certain foods:



Milk is excellent for anybody looking to gain weight, especially the type of milk that contains generous amounts of fats because it can offer you more calories.

Nuts and Nut Butter


These are perfect choices for your 7-day weight gain diet, as they have lots of calories. For example, ¼ cup serving of raw almonds contains up to 170 calories with six grams of protein.

Homemade Smoothies


Homemade protein smoothies are a fast way to gain weight. As most commercial versions of protein smoothies are loaded with sugar and lack enough nutrients, the best method is to make them yourself.

Oily Fish


Oily fish are great sources of amazing nutrients like protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon contains up to 250 calories and 12 grams of good fats that can accelerate your weight gain.

Red Meats


Red meat contains about 456 calories and almost 49 grams of protein. For this diet, consider going for fattier cuts than lean meats to help you gain weight quickly.

Starchy Foods


Starchy foods are great for the 7 days weight gain diet because they can boost your calorie intake. Excellent options to add to your diet include potatoes, quinoa, rice, pasta, peas, lentils, and dried beans.

Dried Fruits


Dried fruits retain most of their minerals and vitamins and are rich in antioxidants. During the 7-day weight gain diet, it is necessary to eat healthy snacks, and dried fruits are a great option.

Cereal Bars


They are ideal to consume before or after a fitness session because they are a combination of both fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates. 

Whole Eggs


If you are utilizing this diet to build muscles, you must consume eggs. They contain a mix of powerful proteins and fats. A large raw egg has about seventy-four calories.



They are filled with healthy fats and calories. A large avocado can give you up to 322 calories, 29 grams of fat and 12-14 grams of fiber.



Cheese is another food that fits into the 7-day weight-gain meal plan; it contains a good amount of fats, calories, and protein. 

Avoid foods that contain bad fats 

Hydration is very important 

Get maximum sleep and rest 

Adopt a nutrient-dense diet

Be patient

Some Tips


The seven-day diet plan for weight gain is high in calories and includes plenty of protein and carbohydrates. If you are looking to gain weight, follow this diet plan to help you reach your goals.

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