High-Quality Foods to Help Build Your  Lysine Reserves

What is lysine?

Lysine is an amino acid that is important for the growth and development of healthy bones during childhood, and tissue repair during sickness or muscle stress.

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11 Lysine Foods

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Beef and pork

Sources of lysine include beef and pork, but as they affect the heart, you should watch your intake. A 200 calorie serving of meat contains almost 2500 mg of lysine.

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Cheese contains high amounts of lysine, with 200 calories of cream cheese containing almost 2000 mg of lysine.


Fish like shrimps, crabs, lobster, and octopus contain high amounts of lysine. For 200 calories per serving, the lysine content of shellfish is 1600 mg.


Just like meat, tuna is a powerful source of lysine. A 200 calorie serving of canned tuna contains 4000 mg of lysine.


Salmon is not just rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, but it is also rich in lysine, containing the same amount as tuna — 4000 mg for 200 kcal.


Sardines are filled with lysine, but the arginine content is high too. A 200 calorie serving of sardines contains 1500 mg of lysine.


Eggs are rich in lysine, and the best way to get higher lysine is to eat them cooked scrambled. One large egg contains 452 mg of lysine.


Drinking milk is a very easy way to obtain the lysine our body cannot produce. A 200 calorie serving of milk contains almost 1660 mg of lysine.


Turkey is a lean protein that contains tryptophan and lysine. A 200 calorie serving of a turkey breast contains almost 3100 mg of lysine. 


Chicken is a lean protein and it is very common on our food tables. A 200 calorie per serving of a chicken lean breast contains 4000 mg of lysine.


Plain yogurt, while rich in lysine, is also low in arginine. A cup of yogurt contains 1200 mg of lysine.

Without enough amino acids, the body may not function well. Eating foods high in lysine is one of the best ways to help the body absorb the nutrients it needs.

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