These 7 Foods Will Radically Bright Your Eye Color

In most situations, eye color is determined genetically by the parents. For most individuals, their eye color changes when they are still very young.

Eye color?

Natural eye color ranges from brown to hazel, blue, green, and grey. The presence of melanin in our eyes gives us that darker eye color. 

Brighten it?

When it comes to getting brighter eye colors, some foods can reduce melanin in the eyes. It may sound surprising but water plays a substantial role in giving you brighter eye color:

What Foods to Eat?

Sweet potatoes are great for brightening the color of the eyes. They are root vegetables with a substantial source of fiber and many vitamins and minerals...

Sweet potatoes


Due to their rich quantity and quality of vitamins such as vitamin A and C, they are excellent for eye health and help improve the overall eye...

Leafy greens


A good example of foods that change your eye color is salmon, which helps to improve eye clarity, color and reduce the risk of muscular degeneration...



Carrots are one of the most common foods known to be beneficial towards eye health and also a good example of foods that reduce melanin in the eyes...



Nuts like almonds and hazelnuts contain vitamin E, which is essential for eye health. Almonds contain vast amounts of nutrients...



Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and other great nutrients. Examples of citrus fruits include oranges, lime, lemons...

Citrus fruits


Olive oil is popularly extracted from olives and it contains omega-3 fatty acids which have a great influence on eye health and color...

Olive oil


Enlist the foods that brighten eye color in your current diet as they will go a long way to ensure good eye health, clarity and would also provide you with general brighten eye color...