11 Foods That Increase

Estrogen in Males

Estrogen is found in significant amounts in the male body. It carries out essential functions, such as improving metabolism, preventing osteoporosis, and increasing the level of "good" cholesterol.

The predominant sex hormone in men is referred to as testosterone and for this hormone to perform well, it needs to be balanced with estrogen.

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Alfalfa sprouts are an amazing source of folate, fiber, vitamin C, and manganese and can aid in boosting the levels of estrogen in the body.

1. Alfalfa sprouts 

Fennel contains high levels of phytoestrogens which makes it a good choice for increasing your estrogen levels by dietary intake.

2. Fennel 

Studies have proven that sesame seeds have substantial boosting effects on estrogen levels. This is because they contain a lot of lignans.

3. Sesame seeds

Garlic is one of the cheapest ways to increase your estrogen. It is a good source of flavonoids, helps to lower blood pressure levels, and reduces the risk of cancer.

4. Garlic

Peaches are a source of a certain kind of phytoestrogen referred to as lignans, which can improve estrogen levels and normalize blood pressure.

5. Peaches 

Eating whole-grain bread such as wheat, barley, or oats is naturally high in fiber and lignans and is an efficient method to accelerate your estrogen levels.

6. Whole grain bread and wheat bran 

Berries contain a high level of phytoflavinoids, antioxidants, plant compounds, and potassium. Hence, they are a good way to increase your estrogen intake.

7. Berries 

Dried fruits are a good source of phytoestrogens, even much more than their fresh varieties. They also are a good source of fiber and have phenolic content.

8. Dried fruits 

Soybeans are one of the proven sources of phytoestrogens. Soy products are rich in isoflavones and can increase serum estrogen levels.

9. Soybeans 

Flax seeds have also been identified to have significant effects in boosting estrogen levels in the body through their abundance of lignans.

10. Flax seeds

Red wine can boost the production of estrogen. This is because it contains a certain compound referred to as poly-estrogen.

11. Red wine

To increase your estrogen levels, you should eat foods that help with estrogen in men. By incorporating these recommended foods, you will be able to regulate your estrogen levels in no time.

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