Foods to Avoid With Hemophilia

Whereas therapy and medication can be used to manage hemophilia, it is important to understand that eating and maintaining a healthy diet is necessary if you have hemophilia.

There are foods that you should stick to and there are foods that can make the condition of your hemophilia worse. Here are some of the foods to avoid with hemophilia.


Eating foods that contain a lot of sugar can lead to excess weight gain, and this is bad for hemophilia as it can put more strain on your muscles and joints.


Fried foods

Fried foods contain many calories and are rich in fat. If you have hemophilia, you should eliminate fried foods from your diet.


Saturated fats

With hemophilia, it is better to avoid foods that are high in saturated fats such as sausage, fatty meat, burgers, lamb chop, margarine and bacon.


Heavy sauces

Some sauces have unhealthy fats that lead to weight gain and tightness in your joints. Those include fatty blue cheese, Italian dressing, ranch, and Caesar dressing.


Soft drinks

Soft drinks contain added sugar that can affect your health, causing weight gain, increased risk of heart disease and leptin resistance.


Trans fats

Trans fats can be linked to several health issues. Foods that contain trans fats include coffee creamer, margarine, biscuits, tortilla chips, and crackers.


Dairy products rich in full fats can upset your weight and accelerate obesity. Full-fat products are ice cream, whole milk, cheese, butter, sundaes, and cream cheese.

Dairy products


Consuming foods that are loaded with the right amounts of minerals and vitamins can help you keep healthy body weight, therefore helping you prevent complications