Uterine Lining!

Let us learn more about thickening your

Know the nutrients you need to take and from what food you can get them!

uterine lining

is the internal surface lining of the uterus responsible for housing the ovum during reproduction. It ensures that an egg will develop well, thus supporting fertility in women.

A thin uterus can be caused by inflammation, insufficient blood supply to the uterus, or low hormone secretion levels.

Excellent in blood building

Great sources of healthy fats

Green, leafy vegetables

To prevent this, it is advised to eat foods which are:

8 Foods That Can Help You Thicken Your Uterine Lining

Nuts and Seeds

Whole grains

Oily fish



Pomegranate juice

Red meat

Olive oil









Nuts and Seeds

Nuts have antioxidant properties that allow them to reduce inflammation. Seeds are good sources of fiber, good for the stomach and the thickening of the lining of the uterus.

Whole grains

It contains a good quantity of fiber, vitamin B, iron, and magnesium. They are great foods for healthy uterus lining due to the iron and protein content which help in body-building.

Oily fish

It consists of omega-3 fatty acids and high levels of protein. As a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, it is best for blood building and repair that can thicken the endometrium lining.

Pomegranate juice

It contains nutrients such as vitamin C, K, E, and potassium. This juice can help by fostering hormone generation such as estrogen in women, which improves fertility.


It also holds omega-3 fatty acids among other nutrients which help in blood building and promote the thickening of the lining. It also contains folates to lessen the risk of miscarriage.

Red meat

Here are some red meats and their nutrients that can help in endometrial thickness:

Beef - an essential source of protein and iron

Lamb - the healthiest type of red meat; contains proteins and amino acids Mutton - meat from older sheep; contains amino acids, protein, and minerals


Leafy greens are beneficial foods for increasing endometrial thickness as they contain high amounts of vitamins and fiber.

Spinach and cabbages are amongst the most popular leafy greens, and they are exemplary sources of folate, which prevent pregnancy complications and are amongst the foods for healthy uterus lining.

Olive Oil

It aids hair growth, skin health, heart disease prevention, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the essential foods for thickening the uterine lining.

These foods are excellent sources of iron and protein and are good examples of body and blood builders that can help thicken the uterus lining and ensure normal body functioning.