7 Ways How Grape Seed Extract Aid With ADHD

ADHD is a behavioral disorder characterized by having difficulty paying attention and controlling impulsive conduct. It is often diagnosed in childhood, and in some cases, lasts until adulthood. 

Grape seed extract or GSE lowers your blood pressure, oxidative damage, and the risk for neurological illnesses like Alzheimer's disease. 

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Behavior improvements


Since GSE protects the brain and cells from free radicals, these molecules won't bother the brain as much as before. They won't trigger hyperactivity and any impulsive behaviors.

Helps with brain functions


GSE contains vitamin C, which can help a person with ADHD with several brain functions such as memory retention, mood lightening, and thinking.

Source of OPC


Grape seed extracts are a great source of OPC or Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, a plant-based compound that scientists study because of its healing properties against symptoms of ADHD.

Contains antioxidants


You can also find antioxidants in grape seed extracts. These substances protect your cells from damage, and they also act as an antimicrobial agent.

Relieves food sensitivities


Grape seed extracts will help relieve these sensitivities so your child can enjoy other nutritious food without risking another symptom.

Makes you sleep better


When the symptoms get worse, it makes getting a good night's sleep even more challenging. Lucky for you, grape seed extract will help you deal with this problem.

Assists in mood enhancements


Since grape seed extracts are rich in OPC; they can help in controlling emotions, as well as reducing stress. 

Where you can get grape seed extracts

You can typically purchase them at your trusted pharmacies, grocery stores, and even convenience stores

Side effects of this extract

There is a possibility that this product is not safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children since there are no further studies that can prove otherwise.

Dosage considerations of grape seed extracts

Grape seed extracts are generally prescribed in moderation with doses of within 100 to 300 milligrams per day. 

All in all

Grape seed extracts will not just help deal with ADHD, but also improve a person's overall health.

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