How to Get Rid


The Onion Taste in Food

Why are onions so robust?

Onions are uncommonly potent and robust; they can quickly overpower any other ingredient in your food. That is especially true for their raw state.

How to make onions less sharp

Since there is no chance of changing the chemical structure of onions, check out our best tips for getting rid of the onion taste in food:

Soak it in water

The general practice is to soak the onions in cold water for fifteen to thirty minutes. This is enough time for the water to tame the harsh-tasting enzymes in the onion.


Try aromatic herbs

Adding different spices to your onions brings out new sides of flavors, with the most popular choices being thyme, sage, and rosemary.


Use an acidic ingredient

Soaking your onions in vinegar is one of the best ways to make onions less sharp. Vinegar will not only soften the taste of the onions but also make them soft and crispy.


Dilute it

Diluting your dish will help overcome the harsh and bitter taste of onions. Whatever food you are making, make another batch and then mix the two.


Use your spoon

If you didn’t opt for onion powder or onion salt, and the onion is pieced into large enough pieces, get a spoon and physically remove the pieces from your dish.


Slow-cook your onions

Another recommended technique is to cook onions on low heat until their color changes to translucent, which will be tastier.


Mix it with garlic

It is no secret that garlic and onion are an incredible pair. They are the go-to duo as the two balance when mixed together.


Add potatoes

Potatoes are a great way to make your onion-heavy dishes more palatable. Adding potatoes to your food can help to make onions less sharp.


Bonus — Try sweet onions

Sweet onions have a higher sugar content and less sulfur than regular onions. Sweet onions are often used in salads and as an ingredient in dips or sauces.



Although onions are great, sometimes they can be too much if you don’t keep the amount just right. For times like this, to prevent your food from going to waste, there are several solutions.