Kala Chana Soup Benefits

What is Kala Chana soup?

Kala Chana soup is an Indian delicacy made from chickpea cooking stock and herbs with hints of spicy pepper, typically served with lime juice.

Nutritional value

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6





Benefits of Kala Chana

Kala Chana soup does more than just warm your stomach and appeals to your taste buds. Here are some of the health benefits it has to offer:

1. Weight loss

Chickpeas are a good source of fiber and protein, which are good helpers when losing weight. Fiber helps you feel full for more extended periods, helping with cravings.

2. Prevents anemia

Kala Chana can help prevent and reduce the risk of acquiring diseases of the blood and the oxygen transportation process, such as anemia.

3. Rich in protein

An ounce or a 28-gram serving alone has about 3 grams of protein. The protein in this soup can also help you keep control of your appetite. 

4. Prevents digestive disorder

This soup can help with keeping your digestive tract healthy. Since chickpeas are rich in fiber, they can help treat and prevent digestive disorders.

5. Lowers sugar levels

Chickpeas have various properties that help manage blood sugar levels. Protein and fiber also play vital roles in blood sugar regulation.

6. Improves heart health

With Kala Chana, you’ll have bountiful nutrients such as potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, making it an active heart health supporter.

7. Strengthens the bones and joints

Kala Chana has vast reserves of calcium in it, which helps increase bone density and improve the joint's flexibility. 

Disease Prevention

Kala Chana is rich in minerals that can potentially boost the heart’s health. Consuming chickpeas regularly also helps prevent the chances of having certain types of cancer.


Kala Chana soup provides many nutritional and health benefits that have a significant impact on the body when consumed consistently.