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Methi Ajwain Kala Jeera Powder

What is methi ajwain kala jeera powder?


All the components are Indian names for popular herbs. Methi is fenugreek, ajwain is caraway or carom, and kala jeera is black cumin.

How is methi ajwain kala jeera powder prepared?


Each component of the mixture is first roasted separately until a certain aroma is released. Combine all three and blend using a food processor.

Health benefits of methi ajwain kala jeera powder


The methi ajwain kala jeera powder health benefits are best discussed when we dive into the individual ingredients of the blend:


Methi seeds

More popularly known as fenugreek seeds, methi seeds are rich in dietary fibers. Aside from aiding in digestion, dietary fibers are also famous for inducing satiety.




Diosgenin is a steroidal saponin used as raw material in 60% of commercially produced cortisone, progesterone, and other steroids.



Methi seeds are also rich in the amino acid 4-hydroxy isoleucine

Methi seeds increase glucose-dependent insulin secretion and lower plasma triglycerides and total cholesterol levels.



Fenugreek seed helps in liver health

Polyphenolic extracts of fenugreek seeds were found to protect the liver from ethanol-induced dysfunction.



Ajwain seeds

Ajwain seeds contain bioactive substances such as thymol, cymene, terpene, pinene, and limonene. Thymol makes up 35-60% of the carom oil and is known as germicidal and fungicidal.



A natural antibiotic

Aside from the two bacteria mentioned previously, essential oils from caraway were also found to have antimicrobial properties.



Anti-inflammatory properties of ajwain

Caraway seeds were also found to reduce inflammation and infiltration of white blood cells in mucus and sub-mucosal layers.




The ground seeds can be inhaled to alleviate headaches caused by migraines and heavy colds.



It is a diuretic

Extracts of caraway seeds increased the urine output, total volume of excreted urine, and urinary level of potassium and sodium.



A known antifungal agent

Ajwain volatile oil was found to reduce the growth of the following fungi species by 72-90%.



Caraway seeds in weight management

In clinical studies, patients have significantly reduced appetite and carbohydrate intake when given caraway extracts.



Kala jeera

Otherwise known as black cumin, the seeds of kala jeera have been used globally for centuries as a treatment for various human and animal ailments.



Black cumin seeds are rich in phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are high-value biologically active compounds. In kala jeera, the main phytochemical is thymoquinone.



Improves mental health

With the increasing number of stress sources, mental disorders such as depression have become more prevalent today.



Treatment for arthritis

Since kala jeera is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in various conditions where inflammation is involved.



Antiviral activity

It was found that the administration of black cumin and honey concoction to an HIV-positive patient gave promising results.



Nephroprotective effect

The oil of black cumin seed has a nephroprotective effect by lowering the values of serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and antioxidant activity.



Treatment for ulcer

Stomach ulcers occur when the stomach acids eat away the mucus lining of the stomach.



Improved male fertility

The amount and the motility of sperm and the content of semen volume increased significantly in infertile men who took black cumin oil after two months of therapy.




Just when we thought that we are very advanced in the medical field, another superfood will pop up that can treat or alleviate diseases, which would otherwise seem incurable.

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