Low Fiber Vegan Foods

for Healthy Digestion

What is fiber?

Dietary fiber is found naturally in many plants. It cannot be digested by humans because our digestive system lacks the necessary enzymes.

Side effects of fiber:



Abdominal pain



What is a low-fiber diet?

A low-fiber diet refers to any type of meal plan that excludes high quantities of fiber-containing foods.

A low-fiber diet is suitable for you if you are receiving ongoing treatment for:

Crohn's disease

Irritable bowel syndrome

Colorectal cancer


Best low-fiber vegan foods

Whatever your reasons are, if you are following a low-fiber vegan diet, there are some good options for you. Let's take a look:


Cherries will be a great addition to your diet during summer, as 1 cup of cherries contains only 3 grams of fiber. 


One average-sized banana has only three grams of dietary fiber, the same amount as cherries. 


Watermelon is one of the lowest-fiber fruits that you can eat, with only 0.4 grams of fiber in a 100 gr portion. 

White rice

A staple food in most parts of the world, white rice contains 0.4 grams of fiber in a 100 gr portion. 


Carrots will be your savior when it comes to making a salad, as they contain 2.8 grams of fiber in a 100 gr serving. 


Lettuce contains 1.3 grams of fiber. It is the ideal vegetable to incorporate into your low-fiber diet and salad. 


Tofu is a high-protein and a low-fiber food, and this fact should be enough to give it a place on our list, with only 0.3 grams of fiber in a 100 gr serving. 


Both cooked and raw mushrooms contain a low amount of fiber, Mushrooms contain as little as 1 gram of fiber in a 100 gr serving. 


Although fiber is essential for your health, too much of it might be harmful. If you're worried about your fiber intake, you have plenty of low-fiber options.

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