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8 Amazing Nutmeg Substitutes

History of nutmeg

Nutmeg is a common spice used all around the world. It's derived from the seeds of the tree known as Myristica Fragrans, which originated in Indonesia's Moluccas region.

Nutmeg  Health Benefits

2. Treats insomnia

4. Improves brain functions

3. Relieves pain

5. A great face scrub for the skin

1.  Improves digestion

6. Treats bad breath

8 nutmeg substitutes

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Mace is one of the best nutmeg substitutes, as both spices derive from the same tree — Myristica Fragrans. Many use this, as it is the outer covering of the nutmeg seed with a similar taste.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is another good substitute for nutmeg as most of the spices' flavor is similar to nutmeg and can replace nutmeg with the same amount of garam masala in the dishes.


Allspice is made of spices such as nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. You can easily make it from the berries of the Pimenta Dioica tree or find a packet of allspice in the grocery store.


As most of the cinnamon comes in powder form, you can consider it as an ideal spice to substitute for nutmeg. It is also affordable and available in all the grocery stores.

Pumpkin pie spice

This refers to a blend of spices such as nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. It contains the taste of nutmeg and also a slight taste of other spices as well.

Apple pie spice

Apple pie spice is a blend of a small amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and allspice, but you will notice a strong cinnamon flavor in it compared to the other spices.


Ginger is also a perfect substitute for nutmeg as it blends well in meat, as well as vegetable-based dishes. It is spicier than nutmeg and therefore should be used in savory dishes.


Cloves offer a sweet and peppery flavor similar to nutmeg. Ground cloves are a better option, as they completely blend with all the other ingredients. 

Can you eat nutmeg daily?

Nutmeg, when eaten in small quantities, doesn't cause any side effects. You can add it to any food type.

 Is nutmeg beneficial for treating blood pressure?

Yes. Nutmeg has essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which help manage blood pressure.

 In what dishes is nutmeg used?

Nutmeg goes well in baked items, stewed fruits, eggnog, curries, custards, and sauces.

Is nutmeg useful for treating coughs?

Yes. Nutmeg has antibacterial properties that boost the immune system. Add a pinch of nutmeg powder in warm milk to prevent coughs and colds.

Nutmeg is a popular spice that you can use in sweet as well as savory dishes. However, you can easily reach out to nutmeg substitutes, if you don't have nutmeg in the kitchen.

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