Nyimo Beans: 

9 Amazing Health Benefits

What are nyimo beans? 

Nyimo beans are popularly known as Bambara groundnut, congo goober, kwam, jugo beans and earth pea. They are also available in red, brown, black, white or even a mixture of all. 

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Nutrition content


Amino acids



Healthy fats








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health benefits

Nyimo beans are tiny seedlings that have a significant impact on our health. With its different names and various nutrients and minerals, here are the nyimo beans health benefits:

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healthy heart

Nyimo beans could prevent the thickening of your heart's arteries. The said nuts have nutrients that can also control a person's blood pressure.

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manage lack of sleep

Nyimo Beans have amino acids that trigger serotonin production, making us calmer. Whenever we are in such a positive state of mind, our brain allows us to have a peaceful sleep.

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treats anemia

Nyimo beans are rich in iron, which is essential in treating anemia. This type of mineral heightens the release of red blood cells in your body, thus managing your anemic condition.

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manage diarrhea

Bambara beans are rich in multivitamins that restore your body strength and energy. You can purchase this nut in a minimal amount and feel a significant impact on your digestion.

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Control diabetes

Bambara beans contain protein, which is very useful in maintaining the body's blood sugar level. Due to this fact, many people who know about this, use jugo in their meal plans. 

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Cognitive skills

A huge amount of amino acids could be found in jugo beans. When you start to supply your brain with such nutrients, your cognitive and functional skills are likely to elevate as well. 

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Prevents arthritis

It would be better if you prevent arthritis from happening by eating nyimo beans. These nuts are convenient and a cheap way to give your body the nutrients it deserves.

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controls bodyweight

Bambara nuts are rich in protein and give you the feeling of being full for a long period. They also prevent you from nibbling on food that could ruin your weight goal. 

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Side effects 

1. Allergy

Clarify with a medical professional if you have allergies to these beans

2. Constipation

With bowel movements control, it is possible to experience constipation

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Mother nature never fails to amaze us with the bountiful ecosystem that we have. Don’t waste your time and take note of the life-changing nyimo beans health benefits!

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