Pea Protein benefits

What is pea protein?

Pea protein is nothing but the powdered or grounded form of green and yellow peas. It is a rich source of protein, iron, and other nutritional value.

Nutritional value

20 grams of pea protein






15 g

1.5 g

1 g

1 g

5 mg


230 mg

What are the benefits of pea protein?

If you are planning to add pea protein to your diet or have already, here’s a quick overview of how pea protein can keep you healthy.

Heart and Kidney

Pea protein increases the absorption of cholesterol and reduces the rate of fat production in the body. Consequently, blood pressure can remain within its limits.

Muscle Build

Thanks to the abundant amino acids in pea protein, pea protein can help you to build and maintain the wear and tear of muscles.

Quick absorbance

Owing to the property of quick fiber absorbance, pea protein ensures a steady supply of energy and lower processing, leading to a supply of maximum nutrition into the body.

Weight loss

The high protein content keeps you full for a more extended period, and you can easily control your appetite to lose a few inches off your waist.

Pea proteins can be produced based on dry-milling and wet-milling technologies which will have protein content ranging from 48% to 90%.

- M.C. Tulbek

Step 1: Dry process

Yellow peas and outer shells are segregated through mechanics, then milled into flour to obtain the soluble fiber, protein, and starch from the golden peas.

manufacturing process 

Step 2: Liquid process

The pea protein is extracted from the flour through wet filtration and centrifugation. The water-soluble fiber and starch are separated from the pea protein.

Step 3: Protein isolation

Manufacturers obtain the protein isolate by application of isoelectric point at high temperature. The protein powder is either thermo-coagulated or solubilized to dry spray.

You are now equipped with knowledge about pea protein. What are you waiting for? Grab a pea protein pack and start your protein-rich healthy diet.

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