Peruanos Beans Health Benefits

The Superfood You Should Eat

What are Peruano beans?

Peruano beans are a unique variety of beans, they are also referred to as Mexican yellow beans or canary beans; in English, they are known as Peruvian beans.

Origin of Peruano beans

Peruvian beans are primarily cultivated in the tropical rain forests of countries in South America, such as Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Guianas, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

10 health benefits of Peruano beans

Helps in the prevention of cancer

This is because Peruano beans contain certain phytonutrients and antioxidants that can help the body combat cancerous cells.


Prevention of osteoporosis

One of the nutrients that can be found in Peruano beans is calcium, a mineral that the human body requires to function well.


Boosts energy

Peruano beans have great energy-boosting properties because they contain high quantities of manganese and iron.


Controls blood sugar

It performs this function by pushing cholesterol out of the body system before absorption through the digestive system.


Great for weight maintenance

Beans can be categorized as nutrient-filled foods that can aid weight management because the consumption of beans can aid in the feeling of satisfaction.


Enhanced digestive system

Peruano beans are on the high side of fiber composition which can help optimize the functions of the digestive system and support digestive health.


Supports brain health

Peruano beans are enriched with vitamin B which can help enhance brain health and boost cognitive function.


Source of protein

They contain a complete form of protein that has all types of amino acids that are needed by the body.


Supports healthy pregnancy and decreases  depression

The folate mineral that is present in Peruano beans is a vital vitamin that is required for a healthy pregnancy.


Regulates heart and muscle contractions

When the body does not get enough potassium, it can result in recurrent fatigue and weakness, muscle cramps, and even digestive problems.



Peruano beans' health benefits for the body can only be well maximized when the beans are consumed in absolute moderation and with the right method of preparation.

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