Which Foods to Eat in the 1200 Calories Diet

The 1200 calories diet

The math of losing weight is simple. You basically need to burn more calories than you take. That’s why limiting your calorie intake and increasing the amount of calories you burn is the only option. 

How does ıt work?

Limiting your daily calorie intake to no more than 1200 is one of the best diet plans you can follow. 1200 calories per day is enough to lose weight with the help of workouts and still stay full!

Which foods you should include?

To get the best results, your optimal diet plan should include a balanced portion of carbs, fats, and most importantly protein. Here are some foods you can include in your diet plan:

Red meat as the main source of protein

Fish meat is a great alternative to red meat

It is crucial to eat your salad and veggies! 

Nuts and seeds contain great amounts of fat and carbs!

Remember to eat some whole grains! You still need carbs.

Containing lots of vitamins and minerals, fruits are crucial!

Though they contain lots of fats and protein, Keep your bean and lentil portions in check.

Try to avoid processed foods, they are your number #1 enemy!

The 1200 calories diet is useful, as long as you are able to keep your portions in check. Red meat, seafood, nuıts and fruits are among the foods you should include. Balance your fat, carb, and protein intake and stay away from processed foods!


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