How to Ways to Shrink Ovarian Cysts Naturally

Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with liquids that develop on and in a woman’s ovary. A woman’s ovaries are shaped like almonds and are located on each side of the uterus.

Ovarian Cysts?

1. Pregnancy 2. Acute pelvic infections 3. Endometriosis  4. Hormonal problems 5. A previous ovarian cyst


A wrong diet can upset your hormones and can lead to the excess production of estrogen or low production of progesterone. Here is a list of foods to avoid with ovarian cysts:

Foods to Avoid

If you have an ovarian cyst, it is advised that you stay away from beverages that contain caffeine.



Foods that contain simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed by the body.

Simple carbs


Regular consumption of fried foods can cause speedy weight gain. Deep-fried chicken and french fries should be avoided.

Fried foods


For some women, the consumption of red-meat can actually prompt ovarian cysts to form or worsen existing ones.

Red meat


A sugar-rich diet is a threat to your waistline. But beyond this, it also poses a threat to the delicate balance of the hormones in your body.

Saturated fat


The most effective way to reduce the size and stop the growth of an ovarian cyst is to adopt and maintain a good diet. Here is a list of foods that can shrink the size of ovarian cysts:

What Foods to Eat?

Foods that are high in fiber contain a chemical called phytochemicals which can aid the proper management of hormones and can prevent.

Foods rich in fiber


Opt for foods like tofu, powdered peanut butter, low-fat cottage cheese, and plain Greek yogurt.

Lean proteins foods


Although vegetables are generally good for any diet, there are certain vegetables that are great for cancer treatment.

Cruciferous vegetables


Teas such as ginger tea and chamomile tea can aid relaxation and reduce Inflammation.

Herbal teas


Beetroot can help get rid of toxins in the body systems because it contains betacyanin, a compound that is responsible for boosting the ability of the liver.



Nuts and seeds are healthy fats and they are also filled with protein. Nuts like almonds and walnuts can aid hormone balancing.

Nuts and seeds


When it comes to ovarian cysts, it has been suggested that apple cider vinegar can aid the alleviation of certain symptoms.

Apple cider vinegar


Magnesium inhibits the growth of ovarian cysts, reduces pain and other symptoms that are associated with them such as.

Magnesium rich foods


Ultimately, a good diet can in the long term help you to eliminate the presence of cysts in or on your ovaries. Apart from adopting and maintaining a good diet...