The Calorie Deficit Diet Explained

Start Today with Simple Steps

Any diet that isn’t based on a calorie deficit is basically useless. Consuming fewer calories than you burn is the only option! Exercising more and having fewer calories is the way to go!

What is the calorie deficit diet?

Why choose a calorie deficit diet?

The sedentary lifestyle is here to stay! Though the pandemic has slowed down mostly, many employers still opt for remote working, and we can’t go out like we used to!

How to get started

Exercising and clean eating are a must! In addition to regular exercise, add more spice to your routine by choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, and taking a walk in the park.

The first steps

Each person has a unique body. You have to find out the minimum number of calories you need daily and calculate each food you consume. That way, you can start your calorie deficit.

Clean eating

Avoid processed and fried foods at all costs! Make a habit of eating healthier meals; such as vegetables, nuts and seeds, and quality sources of protein.

Smaller portions

In order to get a calorie deficit, you simply must eat less. Even if you eat clean, it won’t make much difference if your portions are enough for two or three people. Don’t overeat, choose smaller portions.


Regardless of your diet, dehydration is your biggest enemy! Forget your weight or your goals, your body needs water, simple as that. Hydrate often and regularly.


A calorie deficit without exercising is neither efficient nor healthy! Working out also helps you burn more calories, and results in a healthy process of losing weight.

What are the risks?

Don’t go overboard on calorie deficit though! It is unhealthy in the long-term and you will damage your body. It is crucial for you to consume the minimum number of calories needed for your body!


Creating a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. Make sure that you exercise regularly, eat clean and in smaller portions, and remember that your body deserves some calories too! Don’t go overboard with it!

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