The Fast Metabolism Diet

Don't Starve Yourself

What is our metabolism?

Simply, metabolism refers to how fast and how well our body burns fat! The faster your metabolism is, the easy it is for you to lose weight.

What is the fast metabolism diet?

The fast metabolism diet consists of three phases. Each phrase consists of a different group of foods and exercise. 

The three steps

The diet is completed within 3 steps, which take a month to complete. With enough consistency, you will see the results. Here are the 3 steps:

Step one

From Monday to Tuesday, you’ll adjust your body to fewer fats, by staying away from processed foods. Call it a detox if you like!

Step two

Between Wednesday and Thursday, you need to actively consume high-protein and low-fat foods. Animal meat and green vegetables are needed for this period.

Step three

The final step involves preparing your body for repeating the first step, between Friday to Sunday. These three days consume carbs and high amounts of healthy fats.

Foods to include

There are some foods that will aid you in the fast metabolism diet. These range from healthy fats to strong protein sources. Here are some of them:


Providing a gluten-free and healthy breakfast option, oatmeal is necessary for the first step, by preparing your body for the next few days.


Pineapples are filled with antioxidants that will fight your battles against numerous illnesses. It helps the body store less fat too!


Avocados are a great source of healthy nutrients and vitamins. They can help reintroduce healthy fats into your body.


Chicken is the fundamental source of healthy protein, this helps build a lean muscle mass in our body. Chicken is especially useful in the second step.


The fast metabolism diet consists of three steps that are completed within a week. Stay away from sugary and processed foods, and opt for healthy fats and protein!

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