What Foods Are Bad for Neuropathy

Neuropathy or neuropathic pain is the result of damaged nerves. It can be triggered due to arthritis, chemotherapy, sports injury, diabetes, spinal cord injury, or multiple sclerosis.


1. Physical injury 2. Diabetes  3. Vascular and blood problems 4. Systemic  5. Hormonal imbalances 6. Nutritional or vitamin imbalances


Food and diet have been identified as one of the basic components that affect the health of neuropathic patients. Avoid the following foods to keep neuropathic pain at bay.

Foods to Avoid?

When you eat sugary food, there is a surge of glucose in your blood, leading to your nerves' swelling.

Sugary food


Refined grains are stripped of fiber during the processing, and as a result, you get a dose of carbohydrates in your breakfast.

Refined grains


The deposition of high salt in the bloodstream restricts the flow of blood. As a result, patients can experience tingling, burning, or numbness of the nerves.

Salty foods


Gluten has exhibited its inflammatory properties that worsen the condition of neuropathic patients.



You must avoid soda, soft drinks, packaged fruit juices, and other food items containing artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners


Cutting off alcohol is a mandatory step if you do not want neuropathic pain in your life.



Fat is an essential nutrient for a balanced diet. However, the type of fat you are consuming may impact your nervous health.

Saturated fats


Mercury is a harmful component that poses damage to your nerves and worsens your neuropathic condition. Limit fish to two servings a week.



High consumption of dairy or dairy products has often exhibited inflammation in neuropathic patients.



The name may be a new term for you, but the members are not. Tomatoes, goji berry, eggplant, white potatoes, and tobacco fall into the category.

Nightshade family


You can change your pain level only by altering your food choices. These small steps to the changes in eating patterns will show the result in a better quality of life for you.


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